I remain a non smoker & I am already enjoying the benefits, financially, physically & mentally.I can’t say thank you enough & I can’t wipe this ridiculous smile off my face.
Brooke W – Maidstone

I would like to say a big thank you to Graham, I was a smoker for a long, long time. Graham was very understanding in my needs and believed in me. It has been 8 weeks since i have stopped smoking. My biggest issues were when i would socialize and have a glass of wine. Up to today, I have been on a girl’s weekend away, birthday dinners and away on the weekend with my husband and still no smoking!! I would definitely recommend Graham, he is a true professional at what he does
Carma – Yarraville

As an overweight, unfit woman in my 30’s, I worked with Graham in his “unleash the warrior within” program. The first four sessions were hypnotherapy based and targeted my particular eating issues. Graham was careful to gather all the information he could from me to make the sessions relevant. The sessions consisted of not only hypnotherapy but also NLP and tapping pressure points.
I was very surprised at the speed with which these took effect. Within 3 weeks my daily calorie intake was nearly halved and I no longer wanted to eat McDonalds! Graham also gave me audio hypnotherapy files that I listened to between sessions which helped a lot. Then came the personal training sessions where Graham started me slowly and was excellent at making me feel at ease, giving me lots of encouragement. It included martial arts and took into account what I liked and disliked. I actually began to want to do exercise!
Graham was flexible enough to work around my needs, which was a huge help. Graham’s program has pointed me in the right direction and provided me with the support that I needed at the start of a long journey.
Alice – ( West Footscray)

I have been a client of Graham Campbell’s for the past six weeks and have found the experience extremely beneficial. I have been suffering anxiety as a result of a medical condition, combined with a marital break-up and have found the techniques used by Graham to have greatly alleviated my negative thoughts and symptoms.
Graham has used hypnosis and NLP with me to promote and enhance confidence and a more positive attitude to life
He has helped me to focus on my current situation as a serious of challenges to be met rather than as something overwhelmingly negative
Graham has also helped me to control my breathing and develop a more relaxed attitude through a series of exercises based on Qi Gong
Through regular practice I have found that I am becoming more confident and more in control of my emotions and my present situation.
Anne – (Moonee Ponds)

Hi Graham, I’m happy to say iv’e remained smoke free thanks to the hypnotherapy. I can’t thank you enough mate. I even went out with my partner into the city for a bit of a night out and didn’t even think about ducking outside for a quick smoke. A few small cravings hear and there but they were gone in a few seconds thanks to the techniques you taught me. Thanks again Graham. I can’t believe how not smoking is already making such a big difference in my life. You literally do change lives!
Luke – (Doveton)

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